OSTIN LAW FIRM is a legal advisor to the largest Ukrainian IT company INTELLIAS.

OSTIN Law Firm was appointed as legal advisor of the largest Ukrainian IT company INTELLIAS in agreement to attract a private equity fund managed by Horizon Capital as a minority shareholder.

Within the framework of the agreement, OSTIN provided legal advice on issues of Ukrainian and international law, in particular Corporate, Contractual, Tax and Antimonopoly law, as well as information technologies.

The result of the professional and high quality OSTIN lawyers' work was the successful completion of the M&A agreement between Intellias and the Investment fund Horizon Capital.

Yevgeniy Porada, Managing Partner at OSTIN Law Firm, said: For OSTIN Law Firm team, taking part in a deal of such magnitude is a confirmation of our high quality of legal services. We always open to cooperation on complex and interesting projects.The high level of professionalism of our team coupled with experience, creativity and love to the business - this is one of the principles our company's work is based on. For us collaboration with Intellias is definitely a positive experience, they are one of the best in their field and principles of work of our companys are coincided.

Intellias was founded in Lviv, in 2002. By 2018 become an important supplier of software development services on the Ukrainian IT market.  The company now employs more than 1,100 and base in Ukraine. Intellias has been consistently ranking among the highest scoring IT Services employers in Ukraine and the fastest growing IT Services providers, having expanded in size over 10 times during the last six years.

Private equity fund manager Horizon Capital has over $800 million under management. Fund will focus on investments in export-oriented, fast-growing, mid-size companies in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus with the potential to grow from local to regional market leaders. Horizon Capital’s funds have invested in such tech companies as Rozetka, Jooble, Ciklum, Tinkoff Credit Systems, and others.