The Parliament of Ukraine enacted the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine in Connection with Elimination of Obstacles to Foreign Investments” (the “Law“), which will come into force in 27 September 2017. The following substantial changes in the procedure for obtaining a work permit for a foreign citizen (the “Permit“) happened. Filing documents The Law significantly reduced the list of the documents required for obtaining the Permit. Also, there is no longer needed to confirm absence of the respective skilled personnel in Ukraine. Minimum amount of remuneration for a foreigner The Law sets out that for obtaining the Permit the remuneration for foreigners working in public associations, charitable organisations and educational institutions must amount to at least 5 minimum monthly wages (UAH 16,000 in 2017), for other categories of foreign employees – at least 10 minimum monthly wages (UAH 32,000 in 2017). Period of validity of the Permit For special categories of foreigners, the Permit will be issued for the term of an employment agreement (contract), but for not more than three years, in particular: foreign highly paid professionals (however, in this case, the salary must be not less than 50 minimum monthly wages); founders and / or participants, and / or beneficiaries (controllers) of a legal entity established in Ukraine; graduates of universities, which are included in top 100 of the certain world rankings; foreign employees of creative occupation; and foreign IT professionals.

At least it should be noted that the Law allows an investor, who invested over 100,000 euros in a Ukrainian legal entity, to obtain a temporary residency permit in Ukraine. 

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